What is Birth Boot Camp?

Birth Boot Camp is a 10-week course training couples in natural childbirth and breastfeeding through contemporary education. You will receive a 150 page up-to-date training manual and participate in fun class exercises. My classes are not lectures, they are an interactive and fun way to gain the knowledge you need to rock your birth!


Topics covered include: nutrition and exercise, relaxation training, carefully choosing a care provider, birth place, and birth team, interventions and procedures — when you need them and when you don’t, the process of labor and birth, an entire class just for the partner, ways to avoid a cesarean, immediate postpartum period, newborn testing & procedures including circumcision, breastfeeding initiation, and parenting techniques to help you enjoy your new baby.


Dr. William Sears, author of 40+ well known parenting books and guest on over 100 television shows, has now endorsed B.B.C.

Why do I need to take a Birth Boot Camp class?

I believe that women have the power within themselves to

birth their babies.

However, I also believe that learning the natural process of birth allows for a release of fear, tension, and concern. Taking this childbirth education class will provide you with the information you’ll need to make the best educated choices for your family, allow you to feel comfortable with labor positioning and relaxation techniques prior to birth, and form a stronger bond between you and your partner in preparation for one of the biggest days in your lives.

Birth Boot Camp is a modern, fun, and interactive method of teaching natural childbirth. The community built within these classes is a wonderful way to feel supported in this journey.